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EMERGENCE (FP6) cooperates intimately with TARPOL (FP7) on all issues of Synthetic Biology. For more information on TARPOL click here

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  • News on the ESF-Eurocores Call in Synthetic Biology, EuroSYNBIO: The ESF-Eurocores Call for project proposals was a success. The ESF received 24 project descriptions in the first round and invited 16 groups to submit a full proposal. These proposals are currently under revision. Decisions can be expected later this year.    http://www.esf.org/activities/eurocores/programmes/eurosynbio/call-for-proposals.html
  • The Emergence team organized a meeting at 29th of april 2009 in Zurich. Please download the minutes pdf and the presentations pdf
  • The Emergence team organized an Advisory Board Meeting at the SB4.0 (11.10.08). Please download the presentations pdf and the minutes pdf


Other European projects in the field of Synthetic Biology

    BIOMODULAR H2: Engineered Modular Bacterial Photoproduction of Hydrogen
    BioNano-Switch: A Biological Nanoactuator as a Molecular Switch for Biosensing
    CELLCOMPUT: Biological Computation Built on Cell Communication Systems
    COBIOS: Engineering and Control of Biological Systems: a New Way to Tackle Complex
    EUROBIOSYN: A modular platform for biosynthesis of complex molecules
    FuSyMEM: Functional Synthetic Membranes for GPCR-based Sensing
    HYBLIB: Human monoclonal antibodies from a library of hybridomas
    NANOMOT: Synthetic Biomimetic Nanoengines: a Modular Platform for Engineering of Nanomechanical Actuator Building Blocks
    NEONUCLEI: Self-assembly of snthetic nuclei: key modules for semibiotic chemosynthetic systems
    NETSENSOR: Design and Engineering of gene networks to respond to and correct alterations in signal transduction pathways
    ORTHOSOME: An Orthogonal Episome: an Artificial Genetic System Based on a Novel Type of Nucleic Acids
    PROBACTYS: Programmable Bacterial Catalysts
    SynBioComm: Towards a European Synthetic Biology Community
    SYNBIOSAFE: Safety and Ethical Aspects of Synthetic Biology
    SYNBIOLOGY: An Analysis of Synthetic Biology Research in Europe and North America
    SYNTHCELLS: Approaches to the Bioengineering of Synthetic Minimal Cells
    TESSY: Towards a European Strategy for Synthetic Biology

More info about the NEST Pathfinder projects.

Useful Links

  • International Genetically Engineered Machine competition (iGEM)
    iGEM is an international arena where student teams compete to design and assemble engineered machines using advanced genetic components and technologies.
  • Registry of Standard Biological Parts
    Database and DNA repository of simple and complex biological parts that may be combined to implement simple biological systems. These parts are used by students in the iGEM summer competition
    Website: http://parts.mit.edu
  • The Biobricks Foundation BBF
    Website: http://www.biobricks.org/
  • A website for Synthetic Biology: http://www.synbio.org.uk/ This site contains details of recent papers on Synthetic Biology, with particular emphasis on: (i) development of standards in biology and DNA biobricks, (ii) microbial and (iii) plant systems, (iv) hardware for scientific computing and instrumentation, (v) tools for scientific productivity and (vi) collected miscellany.                            


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