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EMERGENCE (FP6) cooperates intimately with TARPOL (FP7) on all issues of Synthetic Biology. For more information on TARPOL click here

To all users of  Synthetic Biology:

Do you want to organize a SB-relevant workshop and would like to get support from EMERGENCE, then click here.

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Dear Synthetic Biologist! We would like to inform you about recent developments and events in the Synthetic Biology community. If you would like to subscribe to our newsletter, please send us an email to


If you have any comments, suggestions or maybe job offers, please let us know and contact us via the address above!

    Newsletter #1 (July 2007): ‘Synthetic Biology 3.0 in Zurich, June 24-26, 2007, download here
    Newsletter #2 (November 2007): ‘iGEM 2007’, download here
    Newsletter #3 (April 2008): ‘Synthetic Biology events in Spring 2008, download here
    Newsletter #4 (September 2008): ‘Recent EMERGENCE activities’, download here

    Newsletter #5 (August 2009): ‘News about Synthetic Biology’,download here

    Newsletter #6 (November 2009)  download here                   


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