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EMERGENCE aims at creating a foundation to Synthetic Biology in Europe. However, such an endeavor requires urgently a coordination effort from the very beginning in order to point the transitions into the most promising directions. For that, we will establish this coordination on several levels such as:
[i] Including the majority of European scientists and engineers currently active in the field and reach out to include crucial developments in the USA and Asia via a communication platform;
[ii] Establishing the intellectual foundation for synthetic biology by recruiting the required competence from neighboring engineering disciplines;
[iii] Contributing to the formation of concepts and the implementation of state-of-the-art design methodology by starting to implement a dedicated IT infrastructure;
[iv] Starting to provide the intellectual fundamentals map to the most promising approaches to standardizations of procedures and parts; and
[v] Embedding the early development of synthetic biology into the most meaningful industrial context by exploring the industrial interface including IP issues.

In addressing these aspects, we would like to provide a firm foundation for synthetic biology to prosper in Europe and to fulfill indeed its role as a future engine for economic growth.

Workpackage list:
Workpackage 1: ‘General networking activities’, Vitor Martins dos Santos (HZI)
Workpackage 2: ‘Attracting talent to synthetic biology in Europe’, Sven Panke (ETH)
Workpackage 3: ‘European IT infrastructure for synthetic biology’, Alfonso Valencia (CNIO)
Workpackage 4: ‘Towards a consensus language for synthetic biology: Conceptual and hermeneutical tools for formatting and categorization of transcriptional working states’, Victor de Lorenzo (CSIC)
Workpackage 5: ‘Building the academic/industrial interface’, Ralf Wagner (Geneart))
Workpackage 6: ‘Project management’, Sven Panke, Frauke Greve (ETHZ)

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