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Synthetic Biology is a new research discipline concerned with the rational design of biological systems. One of the most exciting areas where highly engineered systems can play a decisive role is in the manufacturing of chemicals and fuels. We use multi-enzyme systems to design multi-step catalytic pathways that [i] allow novel, exciting chemistry reach the process scale; and [ii] reduce the number of steps in reaction sequences to increase the process productivity and its sustainability.

We are currently starting an interdisciplinary 3 PhD-research project in designing multi-enzyme systems, and we are looking for 2 more collaborators:

A process/chemical engineer with a flair for advanced numerical simulations and model-based experimental analysis, and interest in the description and manipulation of multi-enzyme reaction networks. The tasks of this collaborator will include – in cooperation with the two other team members - design and implementation of an integrated reactor/analysis system (based on extensive experience with prototype systems in the group) and then model building, extensive model analysis, and experimental design for the multi-enzyme system.

We are looking for a highly motivated candidate with a Master (or equivalent) degree in Process or Chemical Engineering (or a related field). The candidate’s background should cover at least two of the areas of model-based experimental analysis, advanced numeric simulations, reactor design (including the hardware aspects), and biocatalysis. Good English communication skills, the ability to work within and develop a newly formed interdisciplinary team with engineers and biotechnologists, and an independent but organized attitude to scientific work are appreciated.

For further details, please contact Prof. Sven Panke (phone +41-44-632 04 13), and for full applications, please send a full CV including relevant transcript records, a letter of intent, and the coordinates of at least two references to Prof. Sven Panke

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